Billy Goat Leaf & Litter Vacuum


Multi-Surface Residential / Light Commercial

Powerful suction and easy operation make clean up a snap for leaves, seeds, mulch, blooms, branches, litter and debris. Ideal for multi-surface residential and light commercial use, Billy Goat’s versatile 69cm / 27″ wide lawn and litter vacuum has variable height adjustment for hard surface or turf work.

30cm /12″ tyres on this push vacuum make operation easy, even in a hilly environment. The KV601 vacuums are powered by trusted Briggs & Stratton engines.

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  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton
  • Performance: 3.69kW
  • Displacement: 190cc
  • Starting: Recoil
  • Productivity: 2900m3/h
  • Working Width: 69cm / 27″
  • Drive Type: Push
  • Housing Material: Metal
  • Wheels: 12″
  • Impeller Blades: 5
  • Impeller Type: Serrated
  • Bag System: Foldable
  • Bag Capacity: 151ltr
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Length: 158cm
  • Width: 68cm
  • Height: 110cm


  • Integral Dust Skirt: Keeps dust down and away from the operator
  • Easy Opening of Bag: The hard bottom zipper less bag uses two easy open fasteners for long life and simple unloading. Bottom loading.
  • 5-Blade Serrated Impeller: Maximizes suction, long life time and debris reduction.

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