Red Rhino - Knapsack Pressure Sprayer - 16L


Red Rhino 16L Knapsack Pressure Sprayer for Disease & Pest Control

This pressure sprayer is intended for distributing most garden pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other sprays to control most pests and diseases on most plants, trees and shrubs. Can also be used to spray and distribute disinfectants and water around the home and garden. It is not designed for professional and agricultural use. (Domestic use only) When using substances as specified, appropriate personal protective equipment is to be used. Multiple applications in actions against crop pests, flowers and garden plants, in the cleaning of public sites, as well as in hygiene and health control of poultry and livestock breeding establishments.



  • Stainless Steel Lance
  • Chemical safe tank
  • Light Weight
  • Double Shoulder Comfort Straps
  • Capacity: 16L
  • Air Chamber: 813cc
  • Dry Weight: 2.15kg

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