Noticeably stronger and quieter

Charger and battery not included.

Whether you’re removing leaves, rubbish or cuttings, the new STIHL BGA 100 will clear the way thanks to its enormous blowing power. And it’s so quiet that you don’t need to worry about needing ear protection. The STIHL BGA 100 and the STIHL AR 3000 are the perfect professional partners for municipal workers, landscapers and gardeners, or other people who work in facility management.


Technical Data

  • Working hours per battery charge with AR 3000 L min : up to 555
  • Weight kg: 2.5
  • Working hours per battery charge with AR 2000 L min: up to 375
  • Sound pressure level dB(A): 90
  • Sound power level dB(A) : 80
  • Blowing force N: 17
  • Max. airspeed m/s: 75
  • Battery life time AP 300 S min: up to 103
  • Max. air throughput m³/h: 1.040
  • Rated voltage V: 36


  • Boost function: Regardless of the power setting users select, they can switch to maximum blowing strength by exerting positive pressure on the control lever. The handle position does not need to be changed to do so.

  • Blower tube with adjustable length: The blower tube can be adjusted to three different lengths to best fit the size of the user. This prevents unnecessary loss of power and performance due to the tube being too far away from the ground.

  • Highly efficient blowing unit: The ultra-compact blower unit is powered by a high-performance EC motor. In combination with the centre of gravity being close to the handle, the tool boasts very flexible and agile operation.

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