Professional earth auger with 4-MIX® engine

Drill bit not included

The STIHL BT 131 earth auger is a high performance and lightweight tool ideal need for post-hole digging, fence installation, large planting projects, environmental restoration and construction projects. Featuring a powerful, fuel-efficient 4-MIX® engine and a larger fuel tank than previous models, this auger works longer with fewer refuels. It also features a vertical pleated air filter for improved air supply quality and extended service life. Its semi-automatic choke lever enables a simplified starting procedure that reduces the chance of flooding, while the STIHL Quickstop® auger brake is designed to automatically stop the auger bit from turning if it hits a hard underground impediment. With an ergonomic design, the BT 131 delivers control and comfort while reducing fatigue. Note: Augers and bits are sold separately.


Technical Data

  • Performance kW: 1,4
  • Capacity cm3: 36,3
  • Weight kg: 10
  • Sound pressure level dB(A): 92 
  • Sound power level dB(A): 100
  • Tank volume l: 0,71
  • EPA Certified fuel consumption l/h: 0.765


  • 4-MIX-Motor: The STIHL 4-MIX engine combines the advantages of a two-stroke and four-stroke engine – it is economical and smooth-running as well as high-torque and powerful.

  • Long-life air filter system: Together with the compensator that is integrated into the carburettor, the long-life air filter system offers long cleaning intervals and reliable engine protection.
  • QuickStop drill brake: The Quickstop drill brake release lever stops the drill immediately when it gets stuck in the ground, It also serves as a reverse rotation lock – a stuck bit can then be easily unscrewed manually.

  • Hip padding: During use the hip pad is positioned comfortably close to the body or leg of the operator, making the auger safe and easy to use.

  • Vibration dampening frame: The vibration-dampening frame with four vibration elements provides comfortable working and reduces fatigue when drilling. The engine is positioned separately from the handle frame, allowing easier working over longer periods.
  • Multi-function handle: All operating elements for the engine control are integrated into the right-hand handle, enabling the drill to be operated by finger pressure. The hand always remains in a working position.

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