Portable sprayer with impressive power, large range and high-quality features

Portable sprayer with impressive power, large range, and high-quality features. With a working flow rate of 11.8 litres/min. Designed for spreading plant protection products against fungal and parasitic infestations and for weed control in plantations, orchards, growing vegetables, agriculture and forestry. Includes suction unit, spray lance and 30 m high pressure hose.


Technical Data

  • Displacement cm³: 40,2
  • Power kW: 1,55
  • Weight kg: 13,3
  • Tank Capacity cm³: 810


  • Manual Fuel Pump: With the manual fuel pump, fuel can be pumped into the carburetor at the push of a button. As a result, the number of starting pulls is reduced after the machine has been idle for a longer period of time.
  • High Spray Performance: The large spray width and the high volume flow ensure that even high crops can be reached easily. With a 30 meter long spray hose, an area of 2800 m² can be treated without moving the device.
  • Suction Device: The standard suction device with suction hose, suction strainer and return hose ensures that no small parts are sucked in. This ensures the water quality and protects the hoses from clogging.


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