Tandem Imbuzi Torx VX200



The Tandem Mbuzi is a locally made mower for both lawn and veld applications, large or small this mower can handle it!

With adjustable heights for long or short cutting, the simple well made chassis design make heavy mowing a breeze, swivel wheels in the front ensure maximum maneuverability with a locking mechanism for sloping ground.

The large cutting width of 52cm cuts down mowing time.

The Torx Vx200 is a 6.5hp industrial powerhouse for smooth cutting and reliability and is fitted with an air snorkel to keep the engine running on cleaner air for longer

Technical Data

  • Cut: 520mm
  • Disc: 2 Blades
  • Rear Wheels: 300 mm
  • Front Wheels: 210 mm Jockey
  • Wheel Bearings: Rubber, Sealed
  • Height Adjustment Settings: 5 Settings
  • Height Adjustment: 10 mm lowest cut @ 25 mm intervals
  • Handles (top & bottom): 25 mm OD, 2mm thick steel
  • Jockey Wheel Frames: 6 mm Steel
  • Chassis: 2 mm Pressed Steel
  • Engine: Torx VX200

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