Tandem Inkunzi Torx VX200


Industrial / commercial three wheel mower for Mowing Both Veld Grass and Lawn. One of the few multi task mowers. Tough rugger build with innovative cutting design make mowing large areas easier

Technical data

  • Model: Inkunzi
  • Recommened  Use: Commercial
  • Engine: Torx VX200
  • Displacement: 196cc
  • KW: 3.5
  • Cut width: 520
  • Blade: 2 Blade Disc
  • Wheels Size: 300-300mm

Engine Specification

  • The VX200 has its own snorkel that sits high up on the mowers handle, keeping the filter cleaner for longer in dusty conditions.
  • This is the perfect petrol engine for plot clearing, garden service, municipal contracts & any other commercial application Specifications
  • 4 stroke 200cc engine
  • Industrial / Commercial use
  • Over Head Valve Technology
  • Automatic mechanical pressure relief device: Reduces starting resistance allowing smooth and easy startup
  • Mechanical speed governor which enables an engine to rotate more steadily

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