Tandem Razor 17' Honda GP160


Give your lawn a stunning finish the only way with this precision cut Tandem Razor Cylinder mower. For a rolled Golf course Finish or that striped match look. You will never go back to any other way of mowing once you have tried this.


Quality of Grass Cutting
The bottom blade and the cutting cylinder together create a precision scissor cut to every blade of grass – perfectly, every time. This generates healthy, even grass regrowth which gets better over time. If maintained correctly, it is superior to that of the ‘hacking’, ‘chopping’ or ‘smashing’ action of a rotary mower.

  • 6 Blades.
  • Steel chassis.
  • Cutting width: 17″ / 435mm.
  • Height Adjustment: Central lever 5 – 35 mm.
  • Chassis Thickness: 3.5 mm.
  • Ø cutting cylinder: 145 mm.
  • Grass catcher capacity: 35 l.
  • Recommended lawn size: Medium.

Engine Specification

The Honda GP160 is a 0.16 l (163 cc, 9.9 cu·in) single-cylinder air-coolled 4-stroke internal combustion small gasoline engine with horizontal shaft, manufactured by Honda Motor.

  • Displacement:163 cm 3
  • Max. horsepower: 4.8 HP 
  • Cooling system: Forced-air
  • Lubricating system: Forced splash
  • Fuel used: Unleaded gasoline
  • Fuel consumption: 3.1 Liters/h

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